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Pez Dispenser Collection

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  • Garfield Chef
  • Leonardo
  • Mr Strong
  • RJ the Racoon
  • Garfield
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Po
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Woody
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Jack Sparrow
  • Wall-E
  • Chicken Little
  • Spud the Scarecrow
  • Dog
  • Insectosaurus
  • Lightning McQueen
  • Lightning McQueen
  • Fred Flintstone
  • Asterix
  • Jumpin Jack
  • Lewis
  • Superman
  • Pink Bow

Pez dispenser Marty the Zebra Pez dispenser Gloria the Hippo Pez dispenser Alex the Lion Pez dispenser Melman the Giraffe
Marty the Zebra Gloria the Hippo Alex the Lion Melman the Giraffe